Butterflies in motion….

Khakuun  LLC has been a dream….fluttering into reality!

Take a few minutes to meet a beautiful butterfly who has touched many lives through acts of kindness, giving, and personal sacrifices.  Teresa N. Dennis, a mother, Air Force Retiree,  MBA Graduate, Cosmetologist, and  Entrepreneur...dreamed of owning her own business for nearly 30 years.  

After graduating from Geneva' s Beauty College of Bossier City LA  in the late 80's, and working for JCPenney Salon a few years…Teresa joined the United States Air Force in 1992.  In her words "As a wife and mother, my focus was on family; always putting my dreams on hold for another day." 

Throughout the years, she would re-visit the notebook of inspiration, sketches, and salon/boutique pictures of times past, to keep her dreams alive; updating old information along the way.

After serving 20+ honorable years in the Air Force, Teresa continued serving our nation at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington DC, but resigned after  18 months to pursue her dream of entrepreneurship.  

31 August 2013, Butterflies ~ A Unique Boutique was born!

While recuperating from knee surgery shortly after opening the boutique, Teresa began creating jewelry with natural stones because of her own skin sensitivities.   She originally sold her designs to boutique clients, friends and family, but soon expanded her platform to sell at local seminars, workshops, and has begun traveling in/around the DC metropolitan area.


Khakuun Designs features necklaces, bracelets,  earrings, and accessory designs handcrafted by Teresa, and other artisans across the U.S.  Comprised of semi-precious gemstones, Swarovski elements, shells, wood, cultured pearls, stainless steel, and leather. 

A chance meeting with Karen Van Heerden, of Life Restored International, fueled a new challenge to seek out other artisans, in need of getting their 'hidden' talent noticed.  Artists hidden in the comforts of home,  designing beautiful artwork for family, and friends for during special occasions and holidays.     

She's always looking for inconspicuous artisans to embrace, encourage, and hopefully pass along the butterfly spirit to help someone; embodying the motto:  'Butterflies in motion….touching lives; generating change.'  

Teresa has a generous, compassionate, and service to others - oriented spirit; believing in lending a helping hand and heart to others in need. As a generous giver from the heart, she gladly  donates a portion of her profits  to her favorite charities, as well as always lending a helping hand.  

At the end of a fulfilling day, Teresa enjoys relaxing,  a chilled glass of  southern iced tea, and spending time with family and close friends.  

Her ongoing accomplishments prove that she has what it takes to create a legacy for herself and leave a significant mark on the world and the people she meets along her butterfly path to greatness.  

Our Motto:  Butterflies in motion….touching lives; generating change!


Teresa N. Dennis, Air Force Retiree, Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Khakuun LLC.

Teresa N. Dennis, Air Force Retiree, Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Khakuun LLC.