Our Candles

Our 100% Soy Wax Candles are produced from American grown soybeans.....they give off a nice soft and subtle scent, burn longer, cooler, and cleaner with minimal soot buildup.  They're eco-friendly, with no harmful chemicals, or preservatives added, which are hand-poured in our home-studio, not massed produced.  We make every effort to ensure moderate consistency, as each candle will be uniquely different.  

Special Note:  As a general rule, paraffin waxes are produced using petroleum toxins; providing a hotter/stronger scent throw than soy wax.


Natural Beauty

The top of your candle may also appear slightly uneven; which is sign of natural soy wax being hand poured. Soy dries in a much rougher way than the other wax.  We  prefer to sell it untouched like this and some consumers also prefer the rough or natural look. 

After lighting your candle, the way it will re-dry is determined by the room’s temperature.

Above is a candle that dried for 24 hours, in our 71 degree home-studio. You can see there is almost a crystallization to the wax. This is completely normal, and does not affect the burn time, scent, or the safety of the candle.



The Frosted look in 100% Natural Soy Candles is a common, and a natural characteristic of soy candles.  Frosting has no effect on the burn quality of your candle, and may be more extreme in darker colored candles.

Although  It is practically impossible to have a 100% Natural Soy candle without  frosting, we do try adjust the pouring and curing temperatures to lessen the effect, however  shifts during delivery can create frosting as well.  It's just one of those things we grow to love about our 100% Natural Soy candles!

Flaunt the Frost & Show Off the natural beauty of you 100% Soy Candles!


The Melt Pool

Light for the first time when your have at least 3 hours to burn - 4 hrs. max.   Allow the wax to melt out to the diameter of it’s container, and until 1/4” deep…creating a melt pool, its where the aroma is released.  If your candle is extinguished prior to allowing a full melt pool, all future melt pools will not go past the first one.  

Remember, If your candle is extinguished prior to allowing a full melt pool, all future melt pools will not go past the first one.

Extinguish your candle by dipping the wick into the melted wax and straighten. This will stop the wick smoking and will help with re-lighting the next time.


ALWAYS Trim your wick to 1/4" before each lighting || Place on Flat, heat resistant surface, away from flammable material, curtains, and drafts

Keep the wax pool free of debris, and wick trimmings || Allow the melted wax pool to reach the edges of the jar before extinguishing

Burn for approximately 3- 4 hours at a time || Never leave a candle burning unattended nor within reach of small children or pets