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• 50% Profit       • No Upfront Cost      • No Hassel Ordering     • Fast Shipping   

Fundraisers are popular for churches, schools, groups, social clubs, and families!

Print your color brochures as needed, sell the Candles for $10 and Bath Bombs for $8.....making 50% Profit.

Our 100% Soy Candles and Natural Bath Bombs are individually packaged, and shipped to the chairperson for disbursement.


Tips & Ideas

* Set Clear & Attainable Goals 

* Define Your Purpose

* Set a firm timeline - 2 wks recommended

* Spread the Word...via email, word of mouth, letters to parents, posters, social media, and community news

* Hold a “Kick-Off” Meeting

* Seek 100% participation

* Encourage, Demonstrate & Motivate   

* Recognize & Incentivize Top Sellers

* Check Progress Regularly


The Benefits... 

No Money Up Front!!   We provide you with customized PDF color brochure/order form that you print and hand out to your team of enthusiastic fundraisers.

Visit local business to see if they will donate incentives, girt cards, free services, etc.   It's a Win-Win for local businesses to gladly support your cause, while gaining new customers for themselves.

Samples are available at wholesale pricing and can be sold for retail at the end of your fundraiser, or given as a token of appreciation to your fundraising team.  


Get Going.... 

1. Complete the Sign Up Form below

2. Download the Packet...sent via email to the chairperson

3. There are no material costs to you, no sample inventory to manage, or order minimums

4. When your fundraiser is over...mail or email your orders and payment, you keep the profit.

Allow 2 weeks for delivery via USPS Priority mail. 


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