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Inspired by the Beauty of Nature


Khakuun is a word created out of our founders personal pain, setbacks, and disappointments, while gaining strength to keep moving forward..."bringing out the beauty within", became her daily mantra.  

"Thru the challenges of life, growth, determination, encouragement from loved ones, prayer, and perseverance to stay the course….I became uniquely anew."

Yes, just like a butterfly!   - TNDennis 


Our Mission

Khakuun Designs is committed to touching the lives of women.  Our mission and purpose is to generate change…by helping people we meet along the way in life; through positive social interaction within our families, friends, and local communities; while encouraging women to BELIEVE, Create, and Achieve their personal goals, and bring forth their tucked away dreams.

Why the Butterfly

The Butterfly and its transformation inside the Chrysalis (cocoon) transcends growth.  Emerging Anew, embodying spiritual growth, within a transformedbody of life on earth.  Butterflies embrace a new way of life,  and guides us through the journey of freedom, releasing its fears.  WE are ever changing; touching lives, and effecting those we meet along the way. 

Our Motto:  Butterflies in motion….touching lives; generating change!™


Giving Back

Khakuun Designs is a Small Business, with a big HEART for giving.  Giving back is what our Founder whole-hearteldy believes in and actively practices throughout the year since childhood!  We want you to know; up to 25% of our annual sales are donated to help make a difference at the end of every year to the National Institute of Health, while proudly supporting local and national charities close to Teresa's heart.

"Giving, just feels so good"