What Our Clients are Saying....

"I had the pleasure of using one of the oatmeal vanilla bath bombs. The aroma they came from the bath bomb was a beautiful aroma and it made my skin silky smooth. I can’t wait to use my Yum Yum and my peppermint breeze bath bomb!" ~ N. Sinclair

"I recently placed an order for the men's Cologne from khakuun. I must say the order was handled expeditiously, arrived on time and packaged well.  Thanks again for A++ customer service."  - D. Mitchell

"Good golly molly!  I have NEVER, EVER in my whole life smelled candles this good! Yankee candle or any of the other brands are not even in the same league when it comes to smell, cost, duration,, etc. Yesterday, I had the chance to preview all the scents and I can't even tell you which were my favorites because ALL of them were that good! I love to be in a house that smells good when you open the door. So, I did a 45 min test to see if the scent would fill the air without lighting the wick. Much to my delight, I had wonderful aroma in the house without even lighting!!!  Try them for yourself---you will NOT be disappointed. Awww, Sookie, Sookie now!   Khakuun Designs, you are the bomb!"  -  M. Davis

"Shout out to Teresa on her gorgeous jewelry.  Several people have told me how much they like it. Khakuun Designs rock!" -  L. Dervin

"I love the personal attention and service that KHAKUUN Designs provides. Quality and handcrafted designs that fit my style."  -  S. Simpson

"Khakuun Designs is a small business reaching out to everyone with a personal touch. Your wish his the owner's command. She is determined to have satisfied customers with her style and technique!!!" - M. Dennis

"I purchase a couple of necklaces and every time I wear them I get complements on your jewelry looking forward seeing you all in December I can't wait to purchase some more sets." - V. Murray

"❤️ my bracelet! Thank you for the prompt delivery. Will be ordering again soon!"   -  V. Leonard

"Got my ring in mail today. Love it! Going to be a gift for my daughter!" -  V. Jones